Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

I'll go ahead and post some of the pics and give you a great review on your facebook page since I thought the party went pretty flawlessly and everyone had a really fantastic time.  
I have everything positive to say about the night.  
 - The room looked lovely - I'm so glad we kept the patterned lights on the walls.  
 - There was more than enough room - we could have easily fit 150 people in there without a problem.  
 - People mingled nicely and the flow of the room was excellent.  
 - The bartenders were a BIG hit.  I'm really glad we went with them.  And such nice guys.  Please pass along my thanks for giving my sister and my brother's mother-in-law a giggle by dancing with them.  Good fun.
 - The food I tasted was very good.  Thanks for making me a plate, but as usual when it's my party I never feel like eating.  What I did eat was very good.  Did you love the deserts? Peggy makes excellent chocolates and cakes.
 - Sunny did a GREAT job, both making video recordings of Bollywood dancing and the music he played.  Everyone danced like crazy.  I missed the Greek dancing because I was changing clothes and I guess the ancients wanted to leave early so they requested it.  Ahhh- guests at a party, what are you going to do?  Also, I think the TMNT video went well and I'm really happy I made it.  Overall great sound, great projection, great DJ.    
- The step and repeat turned out lovely.  Made for some nice pics.  It's funny because 'f*ck you' and 'motherf*cker' are prominent in just about every picture.
- The bindis and henna were a big hit.  Loved seeing all the women 'decorated.'  I think it gives guests a feeling of being special when they dress up and decorate themselves.  And even the sunglasses and necklaces turned out to be fun toys everyone enjoyed playing with throughout the night. 
I received A LOT of comments saying this was 'the best party they've ever been to' and  'who knew you could have so much fun on a Monday night!'  And a lot of people mistakenly called it my wedding, er, I mean birthday party.  I thought that was pretty funny.  As it turned out, many people wanted to leave early because it was a Monday night, but as you well know there was still quite a group you had to kick out at midnight.  So, in the end I'm happy with the decision to do it on my actual birthday. We went over to Pops for Champagne and closed it down at 2.  Then I finally kicked the last people out of the apartment at 5:30. 
On the whole, I Ioved, loved, loved my party. And I really want to thank you for all of your work putting it on. The whole week went off great and even the disasters (getting stuck in an elevator, people missing flights) were, in the long run, minor and turned out to be good stories.   

- James Christopoulos

Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

Nisar did my wedding in September 2014 in Dallas TX and it was stunning. Every guest was left speechless as to how amazing everything turned out. His attention to details, making the couple feel confident and relaxed, and above all his passion for his work really shows. I would have been lost without Nisar! Thank you for making my dream into reality on my wedding day. It was everything I had ever imagined and more.

-Rekha Varghese

Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

Nisar is my absolute favorite. I am very organized and (self-diagnosed) OCD. I even made my own excel schedules for each of my vendors to make sure nobody missed a beat on my big day. Well I made one for everyone but Nisar... he didn't need one. 

Nisar was hired as my decorator at the time but I soo wish I had him for EVERYTHING! He went above and beyond and did so much more than what we agreed upon. He was my most trusted vendor and very honest (aka my wedding looked amazing!!!). I have nothing but good things to say - and as a very picky and detail oriented bride, that says a lot. :)

His presence at my wedding honestly took large amounts of stress off my shoulders because I knew that if he was there, he would not let anything bad happen. I find it rare to trust someone with your life's biggest day like that, but with Nisar it just felt so right. I highly recommend his services. :)

-Reenie Patel

Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

If you’re wondering where to start with planning a wedding, take my advice and start by hiring Nisar. We had a large, intercultural wedding and were pretty overwhelmed by the whole planning process. From our first meeting, Nisar put my mind at ease, outlining exactly what needed to be done in an organized way. 

His impeccable taste and years of experience in the wedding industry were invaluable when deciding which vendors to use and creating a vision for the wedding. He knows pretty much everyone in the midwest event planning business, and will be very honest with you regarding his experiences with different companies. We were extremely happy with the vendors he recommended. He also kept us on track with various deadlines, setting up meetings, staying within our budget: all the things that have potential to stress you out. 

When it was time for the actual events, I couldn’t believe how beautifully everything came together. Seeing all the ideas we had discussed for months come alive was truly amazing. Nisar and his team were on top of their game to make sure things ran smoothly and take care of any last minute issues that came up.

Nisar will go above and beyond for you because he truly cares about his work. We are thankful to him for making our wedding a beautiful and unique celebration!

-Jeanine Shah

Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

We hired Nisar as a day of coordinator a month before our wedding and it was the best decision we could have made. I’m very organized (maybe to a flaw) and had very detailed plans for the events but needed someone to help carry out that vision that I could trust. Nisar came on and quickly went above and beyond day of duties and gained the trust and respect of the entire family. Just his presence was a relief, I knew if he was there he would take care of things and make sure everything went as planned. 

As with all weddings we had our fair share of day of issues including a makeup artist canceling on my mom and sister. Nisar took care of all obstacles that I never felt the impact of the issues and everything ran exactly on time. He truly paid attention to every last detail, in fact he ended up re-draping me and the maid of honor to make sure we looked flawless at all times. His skill set ranges well beyond the average planner!

In addition to his proven skill set Nisar has a personality you can’t help but want to be around. His rapport with our families and bridal party was priceless and added something so special to that day. I highly recommend Nisar to all you brides, there is no one I would trust more with such a special day!

-Palak Patel

Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

I cannot say enough good things about Nisar and his team!!!! He is absolutely amazing!!! His title of wedding planner for us was a total understatement compared to all that he did in creating a flawless elegant wedding! He's organized, artistic, resourceful, incredibly sweet, and so talented. 

When my now-husband and I started planning for our wedding, I had no idea what we even wanted. Nisar asked us many specific questions with examples and pictures, and he was able to get a clear idea of what we had in mind. From day one, I was so happy to have him as our wedding planner. He really made each step of the process painless and enjoyable. He contacted specific vendors that suited our taste, set up meetings for us to meet with them, and negotiated with those vendors for us. Nisar had great relationships with each of the vendors, which definitely helped, and he was at each of the meetings. I had full faith that, with Nisar and his team, the event would be great, and they still exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

During the whole planning process, my husband and I were able to focus on the important decisions that he directed toward us. He took care of a MILLION big and small details which I can't even begin to describe! He managed to find creative solutions to any problem. He went above and beyond the description of a wedding planner. For instance, when I was confused about what jewelry to wear, he helped me pick out items and match them to my outfit.

Not only was he an amazing wedding planner, but he is truly an amazing friend. He's incredibly sweet, supportive, and everything I could ask for during the wedding planning process. But more importantly, he's the type of person that is so special and hard to come by. I'm sure I'm not his only client that feels that way. He truly cares about each of his clients. He makes your priorities his own priority, and will go to great lengths to make sure his clients and their families are more than satisfied. 

On the day of our wedding, I enjoyed the day 100% because he allowed me to forget about the planning of everything. And my parents and family thoroughly enjoyed the day rather than worrying. Each relative and friend told me the event seemed absolutely flawless, and they all loved Nisar and his team. And they made it look so easy! It was such a unique, elegant, flawless event, and I have Nisar and his team to thank for that!

Nisar is simply amazing!!! Reliable, organized, responsive, creative, considerate, and much more than one could ask for in a wedding planner and friend.

-Sheila Goyal