Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

I'll go ahead and post some of the pics and give you a great review on your facebook page since I thought the party went pretty flawlessly and everyone had a really fantastic time.  
I have everything positive to say about the night.  
 - The room looked lovely - I'm so glad we kept the patterned lights on the walls.  
 - There was more than enough room - we could have easily fit 150 people in there without a problem.  
 - People mingled nicely and the flow of the room was excellent.  
 - The bartenders were a BIG hit.  I'm really glad we went with them.  And such nice guys.  Please pass along my thanks for giving my sister and my brother's mother-in-law a giggle by dancing with them.  Good fun.
 - The food I tasted was very good.  Thanks for making me a plate, but as usual when it's my party I never feel like eating.  What I did eat was very good.  Did you love the deserts? Peggy makes excellent chocolates and cakes.
 - Sunny did a GREAT job, both making video recordings of Bollywood dancing and the music he played.  Everyone danced like crazy.  I missed the Greek dancing because I was changing clothes and I guess the ancients wanted to leave early so they requested it.  Ahhh- guests at a party, what are you going to do?  Also, I think the TMNT video went well and I'm really happy I made it.  Overall great sound, great projection, great DJ.    
- The step and repeat turned out lovely.  Made for some nice pics.  It's funny because 'f*ck you' and 'motherf*cker' are prominent in just about every picture.
- The bindis and henna were a big hit.  Loved seeing all the women 'decorated.'  I think it gives guests a feeling of being special when they dress up and decorate themselves.  And even the sunglasses and necklaces turned out to be fun toys everyone enjoyed playing with throughout the night. 
I received A LOT of comments saying this was 'the best party they've ever been to' and  'who knew you could have so much fun on a Monday night!'  And a lot of people mistakenly called it my wedding, er, I mean birthday party.  I thought that was pretty funny.  As it turned out, many people wanted to leave early because it was a Monday night, but as you well know there was still quite a group you had to kick out at midnight.  So, in the end I'm happy with the decision to do it on my actual birthday. We went over to Pops for Champagne and closed it down at 2.  Then I finally kicked the last people out of the apartment at 5:30. 
On the whole, I Ioved, loved, loved my party. And I really want to thank you for all of your work putting it on. The whole week went off great and even the disasters (getting stuck in an elevator, people missing flights) were, in the long run, minor and turned out to be good stories.   

- James Christopoulos