Events By Nisar - Chicago South Asian Wedding and Event Planner

We hired Nisar as a day of coordinator a month before our wedding and it was the best decision we could have made. I’m very organized (maybe to a flaw) and had very detailed plans for the events but needed someone to help carry out that vision that I could trust. Nisar came on and quickly went above and beyond day of duties and gained the trust and respect of the entire family. Just his presence was a relief, I knew if he was there he would take care of things and make sure everything went as planned. 

As with all weddings we had our fair share of day of issues including a makeup artist canceling on my mom and sister. Nisar took care of all obstacles that I never felt the impact of the issues and everything ran exactly on time. He truly paid attention to every last detail, in fact he ended up re-draping me and the maid of honor to make sure we looked flawless at all times. His skill set ranges well beyond the average planner!

In addition to his proven skill set Nisar has a personality you can’t help but want to be around. His rapport with our families and bridal party was priceless and added something so special to that day. I highly recommend Nisar to all you brides, there is no one I would trust more with such a special day!

-Palak Patel